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Matt maintains strong healthy hives that produce great raw local honey
Matts Bees produce raw local honey in hip purple hives


Property owners appreciate Matt’s personable and energetic nature. Matt is always respectful of the host’s land, homesite, and property.

Our hives are well-maintained and hive sites are kept clean. When the boxes are removed, the only thing Matt leaves behind are footprints.

Matts Bees get plenty of water so they don't raid your swimming pool

Matt keeps our bees supplied with water, so they don’t go looking for it. Our bees are busy pollinating and making honey, not invading the property owner’s swimming pool.

Matt works closely with farmers to coordinate spay times

Matt also works closely with farmers on spraying to maintain hive health and provide maximum pollination.

Matt is passionate about bees and educating others about their benefits as a key component of the eco system, their role as pollinators, and as producers of honey.

If you're looking for raw, local, quality honey or apiary services:

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